About Just Sew Inspired

Come and be inspired by my creative embroidery, sewing and embellishment workshops. By learning new textile techniques, you can create your own style and take the “make due and mend” motto to a more satisfying level.

I am a textile artist with a BA degree in Art history and English Literature and my City & Guilds diploma in /Embroidery & Design. I have presented stitched textile and sewing techniques to beginners and intermediates, adults and children in schools, and both public and private settings. A favorite element in my sessions is providing insight on how to access design ideas and inspiration from historical/heritage and museum sources. There is never a lack of ideas once you know where to look!

If you are a school or heritage/museum site, I am an Arts Award advisor at all levels. Consider one of my artist-led, textile based workshops to satisfy the taking part in creative arts skills portions of the awards.

My personal design direction currently incorporates traditional handwork techniques and embellishments. Cutwork, drawn thread, broderie perse, to quote a few, are applied in stylish and contemporary ways to my collection of vintage inspired apparel and accessories. I love to experiment with reinventing and updating traditional methods.

My goals are simple- to provide workshops that are inspiring and fun (haven’t forgotten that part in all this) that will give you the fundamentals to develop your own approach to textile art.

If you just want to shop and give your personal style a unique “tweak”, consider my authentic vintage designs that are custom made to fit a range of sizes. Visit the shop to see what is currently on offer.

Be just sew inspired too!

Karen Odinga
Textile Artist