Vintage Clothing

When not teaching, I love to sew and am now pleased to present “Private Lives” which is Just Sew Inspired’s label for a growing collection of vintage inspired sleepwear, apparel and accessories.

The pieces reflect the designs from my personal collection of original vintage patterns from the 1900s through the 1970s along with some great classic early 80s starting to find their way in too! Some of these designs never lose their comfort and style – especially in nightwear which is heart of the collection.

I’ve taken the opportunity to re-engineer some details for comfort and fit but still retain the original styling that makes the pieces part of their era. Often only an elasticised waistband will do when lounging or sleeping instead of an exact waistband size with a hook and eye closure! Some of those Edwardian armholes in the old patterns seemed a bit snug too. Sizing definitely was different through the decades! I aim to add that bit ease when needed so you can relax and enjoy wearing a piece anytime.

As an avid collector of end of line, off cuts and discontinued fabrics, buttons etc. not only do I make use of those last few beautiful meters of fabric of that particular colour or find a home for the odd, special button, you get a completely handmade and unique item.

I welcome you to my shop and look forward to making pieces for you that can add a special touch of vintage styling to your wardrobe. Any queries about size, fit, fabrics, etc., please feel free to ask via the contact page.