A Quick Design & Stitch Project……

trapunto pincushion
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Here comes a teeny, tiny little pattern just for some crafting fun.

It’s a simple floral motif that I developed form a corner of a William Morris fabric.

I have often included it in my instruction sheets for patchwork, applique and creative embroidery sessions for a great “get you started” point for practicing a new technique.  It’s also one of those designs that gives you instant satisfaction whether it is in a simple trapunto white on white stitch or taken to the max with creative embroidery.  Size up or down as you require.

original flower design base

Very simple and easy on the brain with so many possibilities from fabrics, thread and paper.  Create something as simple or complex as you like.

A good starting design for creative play day with some like- minded crafters? Take one design and see what everyone comes up with at the end of the session! Don’t forget the tea & cakes, though.
Consider the design as a machine applique panel….

machine applique

Or a little trapunto pincushion (it’s a padded and raised technique) …….

trapunto pincushion


Hope you have some fun with this design!

 Until next time………

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