Silk Ribbon Embroidery to Mark the Coming of Spring

Purple silk ribbon roses
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The last dark days of February were chased away at the Warner Textile Archive, Braintree by participants creating their own beautiful floral silk ribbon embroidery pincushions.

We met in a most appropriate venue – a former silk mill that now holds a wonderful collection of Warner & Sons fabrics & wallpaper designs. For more detailed information visit .

In this peaceful and creative environment , the participants set to work translating embroidery stitches into silk floral motifs. They could choose to create a freeform pattern or follow one of the patterns I provided.

Most chose the floral heart pincushion to start with- everyone likes a pretty heart shape for a pincushion!

We started by laying the foundation stitches to wrap with silk for branches and stems and then to create luscious roses. 


laying the foundation stitches

budding roses

Then more wrapping, layering and stitches to build texture and form.

a budding branch

growing foundation of texture



Silk ribbons begin to bloom into roses, leaves and tiny buds.

a bold background alternativea pop of colour


More beautiful blooms with more silk stitching.

sweet & simplefloral heart begins to bloomblue & mauve mix

I’m so pleased to show you the beautiful work that everyone created.

From absolute beginners to those who have embroidered before, each person stitched their own bouquet to mark the end of winter.

a perfect little bouquet

A perfect little motif!

Don’t be afraid to experiment- you can create an edgier mood by selecting deeper, more saturated and unexpected  colour palettes. Instead of pearls and pastel beads as accents, substitute chunkier charms, fragments of jewellery or metal bits like washers, internal watch parts etc.

edgy style silk ribon purse

My steampunk inspired purse

Be it soft and floral or dark and mysterious, silk ribbon embroidery can deliver a unique result for your textile work.

Any comments or queries, just contact me through the website.

Until next time…..

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