Beautiful Beaded Buttons by the Essex WI

Silver and sparkle
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At the beginning of May,  beautiful beaded buttons  bloomed (say that five times fast) at our workshop held by the Essex Federation of the Women’s Institute (WI) at the Hatfield Peverel headquarters .

Using self cover buttons, widely available from sewing, haberdashery and craft shops , these buttons were beaded within an inch of their lives to create tiny canvases of colour and texture.  All the participants designed and stitched on a 29mm self cover shank button. These  can be used for brooches or embellishment for bags , hats or garments. Really, anywhere you would like to add a special button. The variable sizes allow you to stitch tiny sets of buttons for  a special outfit or garment or go bigger if you prefer. Readily available sizes and sets go all the way up to 38mm-the possibilities and ideas are endless for where they can be used. I bet you can think of at least three right now!

I’m always delighted and impressed by the  quality of workmanship, variety of colours and designs that are created in these workshops and am pleased to share this session’s completed tiny treasures with you.

Here’s a quick look at what happened on the day…………

Everyone started by taking  time to think about a simple design to transfer onto fabric and the beading and embroidery options they could include. Their chosen fabric was then tacked onto backing material and placed firmly into embroidery hoops ready for action.

creating a baseline swirl to start designkeeping fabric tight while stitchingdesign area marked and starting to bead!

simple circles but so effectivetie dye for colourful background for beadingfollowing the fabric print to outline

Once everyone was satisfied with their stitching and with the odd nip & tuck, the fabric was then positioned over the button form and “click”,  their compact masterpieces were complete.

Beautifully stitched, here is the gallery of finished buttons ready to add a special sparkle to whatever they adorn.

you can never go wrong with classic pearlstie dye & bead mix with a green rosesuch a pretty combination

swirls on a magenta backgroundclassic sparkle in black & whitea  bold staement in blues and magenta

Make sure to click on each photo for close up details of all the yummy, beady textures.

Well done WI Essex!

Until next time with more stitch & stuff……………

my favourite button card