What’s on the Sewing Table………..

vintage blouses
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After reading, asking, looking, wondering, agonizing over, skulking about on other sites and trying to plan, organise and rationalise about how to start a blog, I figure the best way is to just jump in and share with you all the things that I find interesting about sewing, textiles and craft heritage.

Since I teach a variety of textile techniques, I have collected a lot of my own little patterns and drawings that have proved to have lots of creative mileage. You know- those motifs that work for just about everything from patchwork to repetitive patterns. Look forward to sharing those with you and see what you come up with.

For all you haberdashery hoarders- I just love little button cards with cute or interesting pictures. The sewer’s equivalent of cute kitten photos. Awwwwh.

Cute kitten equals baby buttons

Love patterns too and have a large collection.  Do stop by the shop to see what I have created from some of those wonderful vintage nightwear shapes. So comfy and elegant as well. A similar set is on my sewing table now so should be ready for midwinter lounging.

Weldons pj pattern envelope

You could probably nip to the post office in these and no-one would notice. Well, at least in my village they wouldn’t.

Haven’t forgotten the men- will get some classics made as soon as I find some suitable “man fabric”.

mens robe pattern envelope

I’ve noticed that most men in all the old vintage patterns are either smoking a pipe or cigarette. Will look back through my patterns to see what men get up to on pattern envelopes and report back!


Better get sewing now. I was lucky to find a few remaining meters of some lovely black and magenta floral print in a slinky satin. Hmmm. Pyjamas? A cute chemise top or an elegant wrap robe?  Love those kind of choices.

Satin fabric swatch

Until next time……

Button card