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a Finished Cushion
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Had a great time in late September presenting a Machine Applique session at the Essex Federation of Women’s Institutes headquarters www.essexwi.org.uk . If you are a member and want to see what’s on or just looking for info on groups in your area, have a look at their site.

The aim was to take the group beyond the basics of straight and zig-zag stitches and introduce an easy machine applique technique using free motion embroidery stitching that every sewing machine can do. All participants had a working knowledge of their machines and were ready to add to their stitching repertoire.

The results were outstanding for being a new technique for some (no stopping them dropping those feed-dogs now), that it’s time to congratulate their efforts now that the pictures have come in. I’m sure they are well on their way to making lots of holiday gift and decorative items by now!

Yet, as talented and eager as they were, I didn’t let them jump right into their project – a cushion front of their own design.

They all had a driving lesson to get familiar with adjusting the settings for their particular machines with a “practice pepper” applique shape prepared in the manner they would proceed with for the technique presented.  Nobody exceeded the sewing machine speed limit, so check out those peppers!

Practice pepper 1Practice pepper 2Practice pepper 3

Top tip: I always have a swatch pile of left-over fabrics to sew a few lines before I start my machine on a new project- just to give it a little warm-up run and ensure all is well before I start on my good fabric.

Nice and relaxed, she’s in control!


good form and stitching

Now ready for a pear……

now for a pear

And a perfect pooch…….it’s like painting with your machine!

perfect pooch

And finally a fruity, finished cushion …..

a Finished CushionExcellent results and a really fun day-who could ask for more?

I will be back at the same venue in May 2015 for Beaded Buttons so check the Essex WI website for details later in the year.


Until next time………

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